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Located in Ingleside, a residential neighborhood of San Francisco, Pilates on Ocean is a small boutique studio that is tranquil and easily accessible.

In the studio, sessions utilize Balanced Body apparatus, including the Reformer, Trapeze Table, and the Combo Chair to achieve various therapeutic, rehabilitative, and fitness benefits. Pilates on Ocean offers private and duet sessions tailored to a spectrum of fitness goals, ages, and abilities.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise and body conditioning developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates focuses on strengthening specific muscle groups with exercises that are designed to strengthen the core, create efficiency in movement and build awareness of our body as a whole system. The six principles of Pilates — concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing — make for a balanced workout that is accessible for all bodies, regardless of injuries or limitations. Using a combination of apparatus and mat work, each session is custom tailored to the individual needs of the client(s).

Why do Pilates?

Because of our daily habits and often sedentary lifestyles, our muscles get tight, imbalanced and overused. Pilates works to counteract these ingrained movement patterns to improve overall posture and to bring our bodies back to a more neutral, efficient state of alignment.
The many benefits of Pilates include:
  • Injury prevention/rehabilitation
  • Greater body awareness, balance and proprioception
  • Reduced tension in the body and an ease and efficiency in everyday movement
  • Overall improved posture/alignment
Isabel Rosenstock

Isabel Rosenstock

Isabel Rosenstock is a Certified Pilates Instructor and professional dancer dedicated to Pilates and studying the moving body. She began teaching Pilates in 2015 after personally experiencing its vast benefits. She is passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping her clients cultivate a sense of ease, freedom, and joy in their bodies.

Isabel’s highly sensitive approach to teaching allows her to work deeply with people to initiate change in their bodies. Her work emphasizes INJURY PREVENTION, INJURY REHABILITATION, & ENHANCED PHYSICAL / MENTAL WELLNESS.

Degrees and Certifications

Additional training and work
  • Janet Stone Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program 2021
  • Core Pilates and Physical Therapy, apprentice under Julie Schottland-Cox, physical therapist/Pilates teacher
  • Revitalize Integrated Body Systems, under Dr. Angelique Waite, D.C. + Blair Bodie, Pilates instructor

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